Are You Okay?

bottle-note-okDriving this morning with my sister, I ached for her.  My heart and mind ached for her and what she is experiencing; earlier the judge in me rose up and started to outline the selfishness of her actions.  I caught myself and stopped; I forgave myself for giving space to the judge and then I forgave my sister.  With that came compassion and I just wished I could shield her from the pain, the doubts and the sadness life seems to bring, but I couldn’t; I can’t.  What I could do (and did) was be there for her emotionally, and I asked her, “Are you okay?”, “Do you have lunch?”, “Do you have money for lunch?”.

These questions might to you seem minute and basic; yet these are the basic i-know-you-re-not-oknecessities of life that often bring us down.  When you find yourself at a place in life where providing your own basic need is a challenge, those questions are golden.  Asking them question can sometimes be the equivalent of a hug.

We despise the little things too much.  Today everything is “go big or go home” and a constant bombardment of out-styling, out-building, out-doing each other.  Riches are fleeting.

It is just life, right?.  But is it human?  All plants and animals have life but they are not humans and even they act better with their tribe.

Sometimes if we put aside our own pain and “woe is me” mindset just in time to see someone else hurting and in need of a kind word or just “are you okay?”, then our perceived problems oft times resolve themselves.

Are you okay?

Winning Guidelines

  1. Your space is sacred so do not allow negativity in any form to linger.
  2. Be aware of the hurt/pain/suffering in your tribe, do what you can to initiate or encourage healing.
  3. Forgive yourself relentlessly; because only then can you truly, truly forgive others.
  4. Just breathe

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