Is the big picture “Dream” causing you to have “Tunnel vision”?

20160922_071517Like me I am sure many of you have come across MEMEs which read “If your dream doesn’t scare you it’s not big enough”, or “set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can”.

These and others like them serve a purpose; a purpose which may or may not be fulfilled depending on several factors, one of which is the mindset of the person reading.  If your mindset is focused these anecdotal MEMEs offers a hit equivalent to a good cup of “Joe”.  However, if what you seek is real guidance and inspiration, these MEMEs offer only a momentary bolt of hope which can neither be sustained mentally or emotionally by the reader.

Have you ever wondered why your dreams failed?

Try as you might things just always seem to work out for everyone else, but not for you.  Some of you might be afraid to dream big, all to spare the pain of rejection or disappointment, just in case the dream is not fulfilled.  So you keep your dreams small and dare not think nor speak your “big dream” out loud; for fear the universe or the Devil might use their forces against you.

Have you ever thought that? No, okay must be it’s just me then!!.

Ask yourselves, “Who do I blame or what comforting lie do I tell myself when a dream is not fulfilled?” Do you tell yourselves “at least I tried” or “it just wasn’t meant to be”, how about this famous line “everything happens for a reason”.  The latter oft misquoted and loosely misused as a comfort to many even when all human reasoning shows there is no plausible reason.  Yet with that said, you chalk it up and proceed as though your hopes weren’t just dashed and fallen into pieces so small, neither the King’s horses nor the King’s men could recognize them.

Is it the dream or the process?

Recently I started a project.  It wasn’t a past time project but a project to develop an alternate revenue stream.  The concept was simple; requiring very little capital input for start-up, and overheads was almost non-existent.  Creative ideas for social media marketing flowed and I scoured the internet for as much information I could find to develop the product offering; I was blazing.

Roll-back about twenty-four months the initial concept, vision, dream was for a brick and mortar out the gate.  Brick and mortar however requires a large injection of capital; capital that was not readily available so the dream was put on the back burner.

Fast forward to present day when the original concept, vision, dream still looms as a possibility and can be easily incorporated into this project.  As a result the trickle and drip with which this project is being received has me doubting and questioning if it really makes sense.

Some days I would blaze and others I would fizzle.  On the days I fizzle it appears that my focus was shifted back to the “big picture” the brick and mortar, that financially was not yet possible, and lose focus on the steps and process the smaller project required.

tunnel_vision_scIn essence all I could see in “tunnel vision” mode was the brick and mortar not the door to door that was my reality.  It blocked me from seeing or even taking other smaller steps that would eventually build the “door to door” into “brick and mortar”

What am I saying?  

There is nothing wrong with having big dreams, its encouraged in every sphere of our lives.  The challenge lies (sometimes) not in the plausibility of the dream but the processes.  Those small steps or otherwise small dreams we set off to accomplish are they taking you closer to the “big dream” you dare not speak out loud or are they taking you away from it?  Dissect, examine and edit your process as many times as required; it does not alter the goal just the process to achieve said goal.

Test your attention to details

When you saw the image at the top of today’s post what did you focus on?  The green leaves or did your eyes gravitate to the flower(s)?  How many of you noticed the “Bee” in the middle of the flower?  Retrain your brain to register details you would normally glaze over.

Winning Guidelines

  1. Stay focused.
  2. Plan well.
  3. Have a support network outside of friends and family members.  Oft times we need feedback objectively from persons who have no vested interest in whether you win or lose.  It might sound cold but it is the truth.
  4. Progress no matter how small is better than doing nothing when action is required.
  5. Assign small attainable task and complete each in its entirety.
  6. The more small tasks you complete the more productive you become with a deserved sense of accomplishment.

Stay present.


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