Celebrating Freedom (Day 10 #10DBC #freedomplan)

The challenge is over. Or is it really?  These past ten days have been challenging.  Yet I do not regret signing up. Signing up required action; the daily blogs and video from Natalie made it difficult for procrastination take hold.

The  best post for me would have to be Day 4.  Though I might not have written them all down, this post had me thinking about my skills, I have come to realize I have “IP” intellectual property. I never thought of them that way until recently when I listened to one of Natalie’s podcast.

In realizing I have something to offer it generated ideas of how best others could benefit from it all.  One of the biggest takeaway from this challenge is the call to action. I have been so much more proactive in creating content.

From here on enterprises will take root. I have already my perfect location this the other half of the plan the financial stability is in progress.

Freedom lifestyle 2017.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10



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