Beating Procrastination and Overwhelm (Day 7 #10DBC #freedomplan)


Vector illustration of alarm clock blaring with late exclamation.

This post if approved is my response to yesterday’s challenge.  Missing the deadline will probably cause me to be eliminated from consideration of the spot prizes announced which, if most of us are honest, was the motivational factor that caused us to sign up.  No? Okay, well let me testify because it was for me.

Despite no longer being in the running for the prizes I will complete the challenge and post my responses, because this challenge have ignited within me, something more valuable for which I am truly grateful.

The one imperfect action, ironically, which I will pick and continue to work on would be writing content for my blogs.  It is something I have been putting off for so long using perfection  (as Natalie mentioned in the vlog) to delay both writing content and posting.  I would miss a few days and become overwhelmed on how to catch up.


Though I will not go into details of what caused the post to miss submission I do apologize.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7



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