Finding My Tribe (Day 6 #10DBC #freedomplan)

download-2At my previous employment I was always one to “get the job done”, a self-starter, whose mantra was “your work speaks volume”. Give me a task and I set out to accomplish it and often without seeking assistance.

There was just something about asking for help and not wanting to deal with the drama of depending on others or being rejected.  Basically everyone moved about as though I had it all together, no one sort me out to see if I needed help, no one offered to pour into me (i.e. mentor me).  Eventually I became resentful that others who blatantly wasted company time or were often clueless seemed to be the ones being mentored by management; whilst I am working my ass off I’m being overlooked.

I needed guidance too. So why didn’t I just ask?  I did’t think I had to; you see I figured if they saw how diligently I worked, how committed I was to the company, well naturally they would just pour their knowledge and guidance into me.

mentorsWhen we are lost some of us will ask for direction, others will mull along until they find the way.  If you appear lost someone might approach and offer assistance, however if it appears you know the way, then it is unlikely that anyone would intervene unless there was danger ahead.

I learned that lesson the hard way and that is why this is a very difficult post for me to respond to correctly.  Truth be told I do not know who I would approach or who is where I would like to have mentor me at this point.  As mentioned in previous post to this challenge, I am recently unemployed after twenty years with the same company.  I am in transition uncertain of what or where the next step will take me.  In the meantime I am connecting with people on social media, attending networking events seeking to be inspired; that’s how I came across this blog challenge and decided to take part, in hopes something will be realized.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6




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