Superpowers. Do I have any? (Day 4 #10DBC)

superheroes After spending two decades in the corporate field and now being a first time business owner, I still find myself wondering is this really for me?  I work for myself, I am my own boss (on paper at least) however, in the business I now own it sure does not feel that way.  The customers have now become my boss, they place an order and I go fetch!

Truly this looks nothing like a “freedom lifestyle” which, though I called it by a different name, is exactly what I would like this second act of my professional career and personal life to be.  Free, to live, to be, to have joy in be-ing.

Today’s blog challenge is to identify our superpowers and the first thing I asked myself was “what the hell are you good at?”  Truth be told I am good at a lot of things, especially setting the bars at unrealistic levels even I have difficulty attaining, holding others to the same bar whilst chastising myself whenever I fall short (which is often).

download-1I have asked and have been told that the following are my “Superpowers” (I must say I totally agree):

  • I am good at guiding people in making decisions and give objective advice
  • I am giving – always finding ways to take care of people around me
  • I am a good listener
  • I am good at finding simple solutions in difficult situations
  • I am independent and persistent

All of the above qualities having written them down would be great for a Coaching or Counseling lifestyle path.  A path that has appeared quite a bit during this down time of unemployment.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4



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